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Establish contact, not only through the omnipresent social media, but also in real life. We may forget it all too easily but social contact is essential for the happiness of any human being. At Business Analytics for All, you get the chance to connect with your peers. Expanding your network will not get easier than this!


Sharing our ideas, that is what we are doing constantly, both in our professional and personal lives. If you want to make progress in any field, sharing is the name of the game. An inspiring keynote, a presentation, a round table ... Business Analytics for All offers lots of opportunities to share best practices and to get insights from the best public speakers. Expect your career development to get a serious boost!


If you manage to Connect and to Share ideas and best practices, then you can get Insight. Business Analytics for All provides must-have insights and best practices for maximizing the business impact of information management and business analytics initiatives. You will gain the insight necessary to achieve analytic excellence in today's challenging business environment.


Business Analytics for All manages a community where analytics professionals come together to connect with peers, share ideas, and get must-have insights in order to maximize the business impact of business analytics initiatives.

Advisory Board

Business Analytics For All operates with the advice and input of a number of individuals from end-user organizations and solution providers, to help guide the content and direction of our program and ensure that it addresses the needs of the audience.

We would like to thank the following individuals for their ongoing advice and support: