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Get hands-on experience in analytics behind the keyboard and discover what works for you and your organisation

Our program contains two hands-on Labs, where a limited number of members can get acquainted with new tools in analytics in a full day training setting. These member-only sessions are practical one-day immersions in an analytical tool for technology specialists as well as for power users.


Data Lakes co-exist with the classic BI environment. Data warehouses still deliver value in well-structured contexts but new technologies and new evolutions are making the case for data lakes. The data formats, delivery methods and the variances in persistence are getting bigger and add to data management complexity.

During this session, you walk through the steps required to build a data lake and connect it to cloud and on-premises environments, covering best practices in architecting data lakes and key aspects such as data lineage and data maintenance. 

Seats are restricted to members and limited to twelve, so book your seat ASAP!




Frank Martens

Frank is a Senior Solution Architect with over 10 years of experience in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. As a dedicated BI expert, he has professional expertise in a wide range of different architectures & frameworks across multiple industries including Manufacturing, Telco, Retail & Banking. Frank possesses in depth knowledge in SAP BusinessObjects, SAP Business Intelligence, SAP HANA, Crystal Reports, MapR, Oracle Warehouse Builder and several ETL tools. Recently, he has also built up knowledge and experience in implementing Cloud Analytics tools and more extensively BIRST. In addition, Frank is a certified SAP Business Intelligence instructor.

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